Childrens Drama with the Family of Sound

Who are “The Family of Sound” ?

The family of Sound started as a group of talented children and adults from a variety of backgrounds.

The one thing we do have in common is the love of singing and acting, talent is always useful.

Currently the group is operating within Colegio El Pinar private school for students only. 


All children are led step by step, building skills to be able to perform a live show. Building trust and friendship,and confidence along the way

We have presented Pantomimes every February since 2011.

A musical or other live show each June usually.
In 2016 we decide to make the Wizard of OZ video as a new experience.

Guest performances at major social events including the Fuengirola International Festival.

What The Mums Are Saying.

Don’t just take it from us, let our “theatre critics” do the talking!

Parent testimonial“Originally I was looking for some after school activity to help the children mix when we moved from the UK. They have done all that and more.. Even I was taking part as the EVIL QUEEN in the last panto. Its a lot of work for just a few shows but I and my children have grown together and found new friends with the other parents. Many who have gained so much from this experience.  First time on stage for us and probably not the last!”

Debbie Weller

Testimonial“So three years ago I thought the kids would be doing some singing or something like that. Keep them busy and make some new friends. WOW call me an UGLY SISTER would you. Not on your nellie. They say I was fab at it all two hundred people. You could have blown me over with a feather. To top it all we are back in the UK and the eldest girl is off to drama college. We miss the FOS very much, especially the beach parties. Don’t get me wrong but your mad if you join this lot, absolutelly mad. Gotta be.”

Liz Jones

Lorraine“Although both my daughters have taken part in the group I have always enjoyed the social side of it. A bit like a big family, we all help each other out where we can and laugh and play together. Living further inland than most of the group its good the girls can learn and play with other english speaking children from the UK. Until this year I finally did it. THE GOOD FAIRY RAINY. Oh Flipping heck. It was such a rush. I’m normally reserved but when you have the sweets and a crowd of what seems like a thousand tiny kids are yelling for more. Well you just have to take charge don’t you!”

Lorraine Walton

2015 cudeca cheque


The Family of Sound donate a large percentage of our ticket sales for performances to

The amount donated to Cudeca by The Family of Sound so far, a whopping €1636,42. Dobbin our panto horse came with us to delivery the cheque and surprise the staff… as usual , bringing laughter & light. 

We Support Cudeca